Why Global Founders?

Many companies that are still run by their founders have grown to become industry leaders and some have developed dominant global brands. In an environment where publicly listed firms are burdened by 'short-termism', company founders bring long-term vision, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to build wealth for shareholders over the long-run.  In addition to having skin in the game, founders are typically disrupters who have a single minded focus and run their firm as their life passion rather than as a career stepping stone.  Our global research has shown that listed founder companies in developed markets deliver strong operating performance and higher risk adjusted returns than other publicly listed stocks. Global Founders Funds Management offers a unique and low cost investment strategy that invests exclusively in internationally listed founder companies. 


Investment Philosophy

Declining CEO tenures and growing institutionalisation of stock markets globally have created an environment where fund managers and CEOs are increasingly judged on short-term performance metrics. Company founders buck this trend, by bringing a single minded focus, long-term vision, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to build wealth for shareholders over the long-run. 


Separately Managed Accounts

The SMA of the Global Founders Fund is constructed by its fund managers who build an international equities model portfolio comprising their investment selections and relative weightings, this model portfolio is provided to the investment administration platform where the individual investor portfolios are implemented and maintained to mirror the model portfolio.



GFFM has a low fee structure for active management of international equities.  The base fee is 0.25% (plus GST) with a performance fee of 10% subject to the strategy generating a return above the MSCI The World index (A$ terms) over the calendar year.